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Eyes Remplacement for The Sims 4

Hi !

I think I will be the first one to use the tag s4cc ! ;D

Even if I like the graphic style of the new Sims, I was a bit disappointed by the color choices for the eyes. Most of them were too saturated for me. Now that I’m able to change this, with the new version of s4pe, I want to share the result with you !

They are not perfect, but maybe they will be useful for you ! Just put the file in the Mods folder of the demo.

Download - Mediafire

I highly suggest downloading S4PE and checking out the CAS Recolor Tool if you have the demo!


Anonymous asked:

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Not a good idea. In no situation is it wise. The three biggest reasons are:

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For God, your current partner, future spouse, your kids, and lastly for yourself, don’t do it.






Awww, Disney princesses as cuties with their pets. Lovely. Just take a look at Belle and her Beast. I am melting over here. Adorable.

Don’t forget the mother princess of them all!


omg they’re all happy and then Meg’s just like “you’re kidding right”


I feel for little Meg.

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