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I’m a couple episodes in to Game of Thrones. :< I’m scared. Should I be scared? I think I should be scared… @_@ Ionno.



HAHAHA Who’s Line is it Anyways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (it was the darren criss episode)

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17 countries that have beat America to electing a female leader

The U.S may have grown accustomed to having predominately male leaders, but on an international scale, we’re not like many of our peers. Though women make up approximately half of the U.S.’s population, they hold fewer than 20% of legislative seats. And out of 44 presidents, not one has been female.

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Hogwarts Psychoanalysis by House and Typology : #001 Gryffindor

If you do not know what typology is, or you do not know your own typology, please go here before continuing on below.


These people are often very strongly opinonated, as most Gryffindors are, and they tend to make their judgments based not upon what they see, but what they feel. First impressions are everything for them, and within these moments they decide whether or not they trust you. Since they are not as stubboringly judging as ENFJs would be, they will not immediately cast you out if they have a bad feeling about you, in fact they will buzz around you trying to see why they feel that way, and whether or not they can change it. They are incredibly emotional, and more often than not they wear their hearts on their sleeves, and they feel more empathy toward how others feel than themselves. This is why they act the way they act, if they do not try to see some kind of good in everyone, it hurts them as an individual, more than it hurts the other person.


Like ENFP’s, these Gryffindors also rely highly on their intuition at first glance. The majour difference between them is that INFP’s can be much more drawn within themselves, and therefore not as empathetic toward the feelings of others. This means they can make their judgments, and they will try and see the good in others, but very often it is not an extreme mission to them. They will try their best to see the light in you, but if they can’t do it, then they will carry on with their lives and go onto whatever other ideas they have. These are the more inwardly adventurous Gryffindors, meaning rather than running out to do things, they would rather have individual hobbies or jobs they work toward, and in this they enjoy themselves greatly.


This is one of the most common types for Gryffindors, as it enhances most of their characteristics. These people are strongly emotional and believe themselves to be involved in everything personally. They are friendly, and when they make their true friendships they remain loyal and true in them, and have mentally given themselves an unbreakable vow to stay true to the people they care about. They expect others to this is as well, so when they have someone betray them, they are quite taken aback, and their emotions can jumble and cloud their judgment, a very bad thing for them, as their judgment is what can carry them along so smoothly in their life. Harry Potter himself is most likely an ENFJ.


Out of all possibly types, INFJ is probably the one that Hermione Granger would probably fit best in. These people are brilliant planners, and for every plan they have that fails (which is incredibly rare), they have five more behind it. They are great observers, and can often see a lot of things that others may miss, especially extraverted Gryffindors that may be looking too much into the social aspects ofa situation. INFJ Gryffindors are much better at holding their emotions back when it is needed, however they are strongly feeling. They will often overlook what they feel to help others until they are alone, and then they will give themselves time to consider their own situation, and let their emotions run.


These individuals are hyperaware of the people around them, and are also very socially-oriented. They are big picture thinkers, trying to figure out how their actions or the actions of others can affect everyone as a community, rather than it would affect them. They will always say what is on their mind, rather you like it or not, and this can make them come off as blunt and rude. This is not their intention, they just want for every individual to realize they are not the only person in the world, and learn to think about others before they act. ESTJ Gryffindors can just seem a bit hypocritical at times, because they themselves do not acknowledge the feelings of others before expressing their opinion.


Similar to ESTJs in the way they tend to look at thinks in the form of the big picture, ISTJs have a tendency to walk blindly into a situation. This is because, despite their thinking traits, they have selective thinking. They focus on whatever their judgment and senses tell them they need to pay attention to, and they work with that within their thought process to figure out what course of action they should take. This can lead them to be impulsive, even though they believe they have been perfectly thorough in their examination. An example of a Gryffindor ISTJ would most likely be Seamus Finnigan.


This type is most likely the one in which most of the Weasleys would fall, most notably, Ron. ESFJ Gryffindors are deadly loyal people, and they pick their friends easily and without hesitation. Their quick judgment and sensibility allow them to decide almost immediately who they like, and in this way they are good at deciding who they will want to stick with throughout life. They often put other people before themselves, most especially their friends, and are quick to defend anyone who the believe deserves it. Of course, even with their extreme need to be there for others, in lies a bit of selfishness, and at times if they help without believing they get anything in return, their high emotional scale can backfire, and their temper can fly off.


ESFJ and ISFJ Gryffindors are almost identical in their behaviours, except for one thing. ISFJs are immediately more hesistant in getting close to others, because they are unsure of what the results could be. They will immediately judge and analyze others to see if they are trustworthy, because the worst thing imaginable for them is to be betrayed by someone they thought cared about them. They are like this in every aspect of their lives, and will usually put their feet in to test the water before jumping in. An ESFJ that has been hurt one too many times can quickly mold themselves into an ISFJ, to make sure they don’t get hurt again.


These individual are sharp, and large seekers of fun.  They are always trying to look for the brighter side of life, and their thinking ability as well as their outstanding perception can allow them to find it in almost anything. They are very friendly, but can be a bit naive as they are not often trying to look into the minds of others. These people are more focused on the rest of the world, what adventure they can find and where, and this is where intuition comes in, not in a human sense but in a sense of how they can make the most of life. They are often very happy people, as they do not let the opinions of others get in the way. They are only truly upset when they have to stop their ongoing motion.


These people are a bit more mellow than your average Lion, as they tend to prefer their own company to the company of others. They can be kind to people who try to talk to them, sure, but really they would much rather you leave them alone. They are adventurous not outwardly but intellctually, wanting to challenge their mind at a constant rate. So they are often found doing something they find stimulating, rather it be reading, writing, taking extra classes, anything they find can broaden their horizions and make them a more well developed individual. This is their drive, and what makes them happy. They are much less emotional than other Gryffindors, so long as you leave them be to work with their own flow.


Gryffindors with this type live their life as if it is a mission. They have everything single aspect of it planned out, every goal they have, every action they must take to get to that goal, and what comes after it. They are so strongly ambitious they they are highly close to being Slytherins, but what keeps them as a Gryffindor is their extreme need for justice in any situation. They have a stong sense of right and wrong, and if they believe in something they stick to their guns. ENTJ Gryffindors would make fantastic attorneys, if they ever chose to go into the field of law.


Similar to INTPs in the way that they are not as emotionally attached as your average Gryffindor, INTJs are very business-like in their behaviours. They still have aspects of loyalty, but rather than having this to the people around them, they are loyal to themselves. They know what they want, and they will stick to that. They have no problem telling you that you are in their way, or that you are wrong, and they can often come off as blunt. They could care less if you believe them to be rude, because they have the nerve to push through it, and in the end they are strong, and that is what is important to them.


ESTP Gryffindors are not individually emotional, but instead are large into knowing or sensing what others are thinking. In Hogwarts, they would be excellent at Divination, as they almost have a sixth sense in knowing what others are thinking, due to their emotional range combining with ESP, and addition of the thinking traits. They do not keep what they percieve about others to themselves, instead they use it to help. ESTP Gryffindors would make brilliant psychiatrists, as they can catch on quickly and have the ability to talk through with another person what is wrong, and what can help.


These Gryffindors are hyperaware of their own self, and are completely comfortable in this aspect. They know what is going on within them, or at least they believe they do, and this gives them much self-assurance and confidence. The addition of a large amount of nerve causes them to go for whatever it is they desire, and do not take their introversion as a sign that they are shy, as they certainly or not. The reason they are more strongly expressed as introverts rather than extraverts is because of how self-aware they are, and that they often to not care so much about how others percieve them due to this.


The most emotional of any Gryffindor, these people are incredibly sensitive. They are sweet and not as hard-headed or outspoken as most Lions, but they are incredibly close to anyone they care about. They have an overabundance of love, and if someone they consider a friend or family is hurt in anyway, they take part of the pain for them, and feel it just as much. They care for everything, and are willing to go out of their way to help anyone they believe needs it. Their pureness is their curse, as it can put them in situations that they would rather not be in, as the emotions of it take toll on them hard.


A good nickname for these could be “energy absorbers” because they tend to take in whatever is around them. The combination of SFP in them allows them to understand the deeper aspects of everything, not just other people, and due to their introversion rather than express this as their own emotions, they store it up for further reference, when they may need it. This makes them great observers with a phenomenal memory, and this helps them in many parts of life.

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